About Us

The British Schools Foundation (BSF) is one of the world’s leading providers of quality British international schools. Since 2004, BSF has established over a dozen top international schools around the world. The schools serve local and expatriate communities seeking K to 12 education of the highest standard. BSF founded schools obtain excellent academic results and many students aim for places at the world’s top universities, in particular in the UK and the US.

The vision and aims of BSF schools are embodied in our Schools Charter. The schools focus on the personal development of students, on providing excellent teaching and on creating a positive learning environment. Excellent academic results are a result of this approach.

BSF schools are held to the highest standards of governance. They are independently inspected to assess all key aspects, including educational, professional and ethical standards. Our schools have received the highest possible evaluation in every inspection.

Since its establishment, BSF has been an innovator in the field of education. We have worked with governments to expand the provision of international education and to develop new joint curricula. Within our schools we aim for continuous improvement, creating and developing programmes that help our students prepare for success beyond school.