BSF Student Survey

Each year all BSF schools engage in a thorough self evaluation process.
Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Each year all BSF schools engage in a thorough self-evaluation process in order to plan school improvement for the following year. 

This year we have introduced student surveys into that process with the aim of getting clear student opinion on how the school is doing. 

It makes all the sense in the world to gain this insight as ultimately it is their experience that is the most important consideration in our schools. 

We asked every pupil from year 3 upwards how strongly they agreed or disagreed with a range of statements related to the school, themes such as; independence, relationships, progress and interest in their work, fairness and so on.

We also asked them to comment on the things that the school does best and the things that it could improve the most. 

We learned a great deal from the feedback from students in every school.

At the British International School of Marbella, students were most pleased with the progress that they are making and the level of independence that they are offered. They also praised the pastoral care and support of the teachers very highly. They also made special mention of the range of PE, Music and special events that they experience at BSM.
They suggested that we could consider ways to improve the balance of the curriculum, find more ways to listen to pupil views and ensure that rewards and sanctions are used as consistently as possible. As a result, plans are in place to review the number of lessons for each subject, raise the profile of the student council and revisit the code of conduct with students and staff at the beginning of the year. 

Students at the British School of Navarra were also most pleased with the progress that they are making and again praised the pastoral care and support of the teachers very highly. They also mentioned that they enjoy opportunities to learn outside of the classroom through educational visits and that they feel that the Spanish programme is very good. 
They had two main suggestions to improve their school experience. They would enjoy more variety of food at lunchtimes and feel that the ICT/Computing curriculum needs to improve. We now look forward to significantly enhancing food options at lunchtimes in our enhanced kitchen and dining facilities at the new site. We have also appointed a specialist Computing teacher to the upper school, ensuring that these crucial ICT skills are developed to a high standard at BSN. 

Pupils at The British School of Brasilia were glowing in their praise of the work of the school. They identified that the school provides an incredibly caring environment that all students and staff contribute to. They also really enjoy their learning and feel that they are taught very well. The students are incredibly proud of their school. 
They did identify that the internet connection was a real problem at times and that the girl’s bathroom definitely needs a mirror! We have invested heavily in the ICT network and have already seen considerable improvement, enabling staff and students to use the ICT equipment much more effectively. 

We were pleased that pupil responses were very considered and in many cases aligned with our own impressions in all three schools. This is clearly an extremely valuable exercise that can help us ensure that students have a genuine influence on the development of their school. Thank you to all of our students for their feedback!